Nowadays Iphone is quite usual tool between cabin crew members. This device is one of the best for keep online communications with their family and friends. There are several apps designed to help flight attendants in their daily life.

Here you will find some of the best Iphone apps for cabin crew:

Flight Life organiser

Flight life is an incredible organiser application design specifically for flight crew. This app provides a display of upcoming trips, flights, standby blocks, training days and other life events.

Cabin Crew Ready
With this app you will have the best knowledge and up to date information for all areas of your job. It allows you to test your knowledge about the air industry in a really fun way.

Flight Control
Flight control is an amazing game. The aim of this game is to control an aeroplane down the runway to part it and manoeuvre it without crashing. It is really addictive!

Currency exchange
The faster and easy way to be aware of correct currency exchange.  Most people tend to use the converter online – this app version will allow you to use it in your mobile! It’s free for some models.

Lonely Planet
Everyone trusts the Lonely Planet guides – these books have all the need-to-know information for every destination across the world. Now you can have it on your Iphone.