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A really important part for being comfortable in your crew shoes is having a proper insole. The raw material used on airline shoes insoles is essential to ensure the absolute comfort to every cabin crew members.

SKYPRO has highly specialized technical experts committed to provide the best cabin shoes for flight attendants, pilots and ground-handling users. A continuous research and development activity in footwear construction, together with a selection of top edge shoe materials, lead to a high level in airline shoe comfort, well-being, and safety and reduced fatigue.

To improve the comfort of our shoes, SKYPRO developed insoles based on an innovative technology using a special microcellular structure that possesses amazing features, such as:

  • Never lose the cushioning
  • Allows the feet to breathe and keep a suitable temperature
  • Is soft and resilient
  • Absorption of ground impacts, moving up through the musculoskeletal system, and protecting your spine and your articulations.

By absorbing shock of foot striking the ground we can avoid some common problems like back pain, heavy and tired legs, fatigue and Muscle-skeletal disorders.

Do you want to feel absolutely comfortable in your crew shoes?

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