Every airline have their own uniform standards, however there are some standards that are common to all the flight attendants.

Here is a guideline of the most usual standards for cabin crew uniform:

– Hair no longer than collar length, clean and clipped back.

– Worn up hairstyles must be neat and tidy with no wispy bits.

– Ear ring in silver or other discrete color

– No chipped nail varnish and must be either red or very natural pale shades

– Lipstick to match your uniform colors.

– No external badges on clothing or bags (only name badges or luggage labels).

РShoes plain for male  and female (unless the airline have personalized shoes)

– Uniform bags and suitcases plain black or navy blue and no stickers (wheelie bags to fit in the overhead locker).

– Jackets to be worn fastened at all times.

– Hats to be worn when walking through the airport and in the public eye.

– Uniform jackets to be worn with the hat

– Ties and cravats to be worn at all times.

– Shirts clean and well ironed.

– Sleeves never to be rolled up.

– Skirts to sit on the knee no higher.

– No ruck sacks or shopping bags.