This month we interviewed Kara, the author of the amazing blog The Flight Attendant Life. Read more about her perspective about the future of uniforms.

Skypro:The Flight attendant life is a portrait of the cabin crew experience. What is your main source of inspiration?

Kara: I find people to be my main source of inspiration. I am constantly challenged to explore new ways of seeing the world through the conversations and interactions I have due to my cabin crew job.  I view life and the job as a flight attendant as a gift and choose to be curious, wanting to know about others’ stories. I believe my curiosity has been one of my greatest assets.

Skypro: As blogger, what is the main contribution to your fellow flight attendants?

Kara: I think the contribution ‘The Flight Attendant Life’ brings to my colleagues is bringing together a community.  The website has shown that although our locations may be different—our cultures, airlines, and aircrafts that we work on may vary, we still possess so much commonality and deal with much of the same confusions, questions, hopes, and dreams no matter what we look like, who we work for, or who we are.

Skypro: Are you proud to wear a uniform? Why?

Kara: I am very proud to wear my uniform, because I feel so grateful that I have been able to have this career. It is a competitive field and due to my job as cabin crew, I have grown into a much better version of myself.  The uniform is a personal symbol to me of happiness, ambition, and purpose.

Skypro: How do you think uniforms will be like in the future?

Kara: I think that uniforms will become more classy and trendy as far as designer inspired pieces, but will bring back the nostalgia and class of how flying was years and years ago. At least that’s what I hope.  There’s nothing really like feeling classy while wearing the flight attendant uniform.

Skypro: What are the best and worst things about uniforms today?

Kara: Many uniforms aren’t made out of quality materials, the fabric isn’t comfortable, and the pieces were never fitted to the individual correctly. I don’t have this problem with my current carrier, but in the past, I know it has been the case. The best things about cabin crew uniforms today is the variety of styles. I love walking through airports and seeing the various crews’ uniforms.

Skypro: In your opinion, how should the perfect uniform be like?

Kara: Comfortable and classy. Sexy and sophisticated. I get to wear red leather gloves with my uniform, and I love that. Uniform accessories like that is always a bonus.

Skypro: Which functions do you think your uniform should have?

Kara: A cabin crew uniform must give a passenger the visual cue that someone is responsible. The pieces must also be breathable and offer an ability for movement.

Skypro: The future of aviation is a mystery for us, how do you think it’s going to be like in the future? Do you think we can maintain the same glamour that is commonly associated with the industry?

Kara: I’ve never completely understood why the aviation industry is encompassed by an air of glamour (pun intended), but I do believe it will remain, because people want it to. Flight attendant life will always have a mystery and intrigue to it no matter how much anyone writes about it. I do hope it stays that way.

Skypro: Regarding shoes, what do you think the perfect flight attendant shoe should have?

Kara: I love a high heel, so I always go for the shoe that is right at the mark of the highest possible heel that is allowed for work. The shoe must also offer comfort, and I need to be able to walk easily in them.

Skypro: How would you describe a day wearing SKYPRO shoes?

Kara: I adore my SKYPRO shoes. When I have a trip, the shoes are an extension of my every day, as it seems I am always flying. I love that going through security, my SKYPRO shoes never alarm. I walk easily through the cabin during boarding.  From day one, the shoes were a comfortable and beautiful addition to my uniform and wearing them seems like the most natural thing to do.