Airport Friendly Shoes by SKYPRO.

When we walk through airport security we can’t even imagine the number of fungi and bacteria that are living on the floor.

Every day millions of passengers and aircrew members take their shoes off and walk barefoot through metal detectors, where sweaty feet get in contact with all kinds of bacteria. It’s the perfect environment for the appearance of foot injuries, such as skin eczemas.

This is a serious health issue for flight attendants and pilots who have to do this every time they go through regular security procedures. Fortunately there is a simple solution that will protect the health of these professionals and turn their daily routine much more comfortable.

SKYPRO developed Airport Friendly Shoes that don’t beep at airport security. In the footwear industry, the piece that provides structural support to the shoe is made entirely of metal which isn’t the best choice for airline professionals. At SKYPRO we use a nylon shank which ensures you can go through airport security without questions. Protect your health and work in comfort with SKYPRO shoes.