Flight Attendant smiling in a plane aisle.

If you’re a flight attendant or a pilot you’ve probably suffered from unhealthy lifestyle choices. Let us help you with these surprisingly easy habits that you can pick up today.

  1. You Need Your Beauty Sleep
    Coffee is good and all but it’s no replacement for a good night’s sleep. Kara Mulder¬†writing for The Flight Attendant Life¬†shares this little nugget of wisdom: “The quickest way to overhaul your health is by taking time to rest.”
  2. Leftovers Teach You A Balanced Diet
    Sometimes eating out isn’t convenient nor cheap. More often than not, it’s a quick way of gaining a few extra pounds. A good strategy is to cook your meals before traveling and packing them in containers so you can take them with you. This way, you can keep to your diet and save money.
  3. Drink In Moderation
    Excessive alcohol use is known to result in a negative or harmful outcome. Drinking alcoholic beverages can make you numb, sleepy and slow your brain activity – which is why you should avoid drinking on the job. To counter this, you should eat or drink a glass of water. Don’t forget that you should stop drinking at least four to six hours before bedtime.
  4. Water Is Life
    Working in pressurized environments at high altitudes can lead to dehydration which is usually a warning sign that something’s not right. Water is vital because it helps your body in more ways than one. Think about bringing an extra bottle of water with you, just in case.
  5. Conquering Jet Lag
    Fighting jet lag is an uneven battle, so let us concentrate on preventing it. According to Bupa, there are three things that make jet lag worse: Tiredness, Alcohol and Caffeine. The last two imply moderation, so don’t go overboard with them. The first one requires a healthy sleeping pattern, always try to sleep at regular intervals.
  6. Comfy Is The New Fad
    Flying can be stressful and tiring, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Choosing footwear that is both comfortable and modern is vital to ensure your feet don’t grow weary. Learn how to keep pain away with shoes with high Flexibility and Shock Absorption.
  7. Don’t Stress Yourself
    When you clock off, make a note to yourself that your time is sacred so make the most of it. Maybe this is a good time to go for that back or indian massage that you always wanted? Treat yourself to a day at a local Spa and take your mind off work!


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