When people think about cabin crew job, they see flight attendants with a role similar to waitress. Their job is to take care of passengers and serve during the flight. However, cabin crew members are much more than that, sometimes they are truly heroes.

Flight attendants are the first responsible for safety on the aircraft and in case of emergency they are the first one to respond. They need to be brave to do their job.

During the last years we all heard about some cases where cabin crew where real heroes. Here we have three stories about cabin crew bravery:

  1. Barbara Harrison, April 1968

BarbaraBarbara was operating on a flight from Heathrow to Sydney when one of the aircraft engines failed and started a fire. The pilots started immediately an emergency landing that was successful however five people died during the fire. Barbara was one of the deceased. She remained at her post encouraging the passengers to jump out to safety refusing to leave before everyone was out. Rescue team found her body next to a disable passenger who wasn’t able to jump out.

  1. Neerja Bhanot, September 1986

NeerjaNeerja was operating on a Pan Am flight when the airplane was hijacked at the ground of Pakistan.  She helped some passengers to escape from one exit doors when the hijackers started shooting on passengers. She was killed while she was protecting three children from the gunfire.

  1. Lee Hye, July 2013

AsianaThe Asiana airlines flights Lee was operating landed at San Francisco International Airport and hit the sea wall of the runway. Cabin crew immediately started to evacuating 290 passengers onboard. Lee took command of the rescue operations and with help of their crew using knifes to slash seatbelts and carrying injured passengers saved almost all the passengers onboard.

Do you know any Cabin crew bravery story? We look forward to hear about!