Not all the airlines allow their crews to wear boots with the uniform. Those lucky ones not always find great boots with high levels of comfort. SKYPRO developed a collection of boots that are the perfect combination between comfort and style. Who doesn’t like a good pair of leather boots? Take a look into our collection.

In the woman’s boot collection you will find four different beautiful models that will bring a new level to your uniform and at the same time keep you comfortable and warm:



Francine is an elegant airline boot with beautiful lines. This SKYPRO boot has a 7.5 cm/3″ heel that provides comfort for working long hours.

Amy Johnson


Amy Johnson boots will make your long flights seem shorter. This is an irresistible leather soft SKYPRO boot with elastic, so it can fit all leg types. It combines elegance, safety, and resistance, and is the perfect footwear for cabin crew members who appreciate comfort and quality.

Luise Thaden


Give your chic presence a polish with the Luise Thaden airline boot. The stacked heel rises with professional potential, while the sleek leather crafted classic lines provide contemporary elegance to these cabin crew shoes. If you appreciate beauty and comfort, Luise Thaden is the perfect choice.



Amalia is a classical chic mid-heel ankle boot with a lady-like silhouette, designed to provide maximum comfort to aviation staff. Amalia crew boots boast an airport-friendly model that transforms a workday in a well-being experience.

For men we also have a great option, the stylish William Boeing:


SKYPRO William Boeing boot has a classical style with a rounded toe, also with stretching side panels and a pull-on ankle tab. This boot is made from smooth, dark Italian leather and has a remarkable durability. William Boeing is a wear-forever boot with endless appeal that’s indispensable for all cabin crew members. Pure comfort!

All SKYPRO boots has special features to ensure cabin crew safety, health and well-being. They are: anti-skid, anti-static, ambicork, chemicals free and alarm-free.

What’s your favorite?