Selecting a pilot shirt should be very simple, right? Wrong. Normally, with so many requirements, brands, and styles, it gets really hard.

When you get your wings no one tells you about this pilot shirt treasure hunting. You are a pilot who needs to stay focused, cool and always make a good impression. So, for that effect, it should be 100% cotton to control the body temperature and odors.

Sleeping in so many hotels without time for proper laundry requires a pilot shirt that is easy to iron and wash. The wrinkle resistant finishing will be an amazing plus on your purchase decision.

Women Pilots have an extra challenge that is finding a shirt really tailored for a woman.  Ladies, we are not talking about a unisex shirt or the possibility to order a smaller size than the one you normally do in a man’s shirt. That is not an option, the unisex and man size chart are almost the same because normally both are based on men’s sizes.

We are talking about a shirt that was developed with cutting-edge technology to match all the requirements of a woman pilot on the job.

The pilot shirt fitting has a lot to do with his/her confidence and not the least with the mobility in the cabin. The mobility in a daily basis is important and can make the difference in a crisis situation.

Now that we have presented all the requirements of the best pilot shirt that you can have, we must present to you, the best pilot shirt that you can get: Skypro Pilot Shirt.

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The question should be:  How to Measure? Find here our size chart.


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