An airline company can really take care of their crew’s health and wellbeing just by choosing the right uniform. So simple and even so, few do it! Want to know why?

Innocuousness means completely harmless. That can’t cause any harm to the health, wellbeing or environment.

Innocuousness, when applied to the clothing or footwear industry, it reveals a new and innovative approach to all manufacturers and producers.

It’s the Human ecology approach that guarantees a fair and reciprocal relationship between the humanity and the environment, natural or social.

The style and the design in a cabin crew uniform are very important, but the wellbeing and the health  can represent the best performance on a day to day basis, loyal and happy airline professionals and a sustainable  management strategy.

A Uniform that is free of any dangerous substances that can really affect human health, as they can rapidly enter the body through the skin and cause illnesses dermatitis, eczema, or neurological damage and cancers.

Substances like Chromium, Aromatic Amines, Formaldehyde, Organotin Compounds, FMFY or Heavy Metals that are used in a lot of cabin crew uniforms and footwear.

Skypro is a global brand that sells to the major airline companies in the world. All the Skypro products, specifically the leather goods (gloves, shoes, belts and bags) use innocuous materials and finishings with the recognized tradition and quality from Portugal.

Full protection and absolute comfort for the intensive everyday life of the airline professionals.

Feel the ultimate Care in Skypro leather gloves, for women and men.

Human Ecology and the REACH

The Human Ecology is a multidisciplinary analysis that the industries are starting to keep the eye in. Manufacturers and producers are integrating this research into their products.

Since 2007, the European Community, introduces the REACH regulation, for the products that are sold in all the community countries.

REACH obliges the manufacturers and importers to register all the information about the chemical substances they use in their products in a public database, of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Consumers and professionals can easily access all the properties of the chemical substances.The REACH (EC 1907/2006), a European regulation, was created to protect the human health and the environment by an early and accurate identification of the properties of chemical substances.

As well to request for the responsibility of the industry to provide safety information to their professionals and consumers, to implement a risk management measures and to substitute the “substances of very high concern” by alternatives.

All the Skypro leather goods are tested at independent laboratories to ensure that they are free of dangerous substances by the REACH processes: registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.