Wearing high heels is always a challenge especially for long hours and at work.  The next tips will help you to take wise decisions when it comes to high heels. Wear beautiful shoes without pain!

  1. Find out what is your type of feet: A podiatrist might be the best way to know your foot type and what’s going on. Knowing your foot type will help you to choose wisely the best shoe model for your type of feet.
  1. Shop wisely: Always go shoe shopping at the end of the day, when your feet are slightly swollen from walking and at their biggest form. Pick shoes according to the shape of your foot, making sure the shoe is wider than your bare foot. Always try both shoes on in the store and take a walk around to be sure you are comfortable
  1. Choose the right size: The number one mistake women make would probably be not having the right shoe size for their foot.
    Buying ½ or 1 size above your regular size might seem more comfortable since it gives extra room for your feet. However, when you do this you will put extra pressure on the front of your feet that will increase the level of pain.
  1. Thicker heels are the best option: Avoid thin heels; they cause your foot to tremble. If you’re wearing stilettos every day, you might want to consider a stable heel style.
  1. Platforms are a great option: Thin soles will give you pain on the bottom of your foot. Opt for a thicker sole or a little bit of a platform, which will compensate some of the pressure when you’re walking.
  1. Leather insoles bring extra comfort: when you choose synthetic materials for the insoles, will make your feet sweat that contributes to a high level of discomfort.
  1. Try a shoe with more coverage: The more coverage you have on the top of your foot, the better. High heels boot provides much more support than summer sandals. To be more comfortable choose shoes that with more coverage that offers you more support.
  1. Improve your posture: A good posture will help you to walk on the heels and avoid low back pain associated to the regular wear of this type of shoes: Your head should be in line with your spine and your chin should be parallel with the floor. Avoid looking down when walking in high heels! Put your shoulders back and down and keep your arms relaxed at your sides. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged, sucking your belly button towards your spine.
  1. Wear high heels only in special occasions: wear flats in your daily activities and keep the heels for work, parties, and other special occasions.