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1. Exercise can erase bad eating habits:
80% of your wellbeing is based on your diet. Although you can burn some calories with your exercise routine this is not en

2. You should drink 8 glasses of water per day: There is a certain amount of water that you should drink every day. However, that quantity varies from person to person.

3. Detox is the most efficient and healthy way to diet: Although detox diets are effective in a short period of time, these kinds of diets can also be detrimental due to the lack of important nutrients.

4. Wearing larger shoes is more comfortable: Stay true to your size. Wearing the correct size is essential to providing a good distribution of plantar weight which avoids discomfort and low back pain.

5. Multitasking will ease your life: The practice of multitasking reduces your ability to pay attention to the present moment. Focus on one task at a time, this will increase your productivity and lower your stress levels.

In May, we want to care about your wellbeing! Every Wednesday we’ll share a mindfulness practice that will help you take a break and relax from the stress at work.

Enjoy your Hump Days!

This week we show you how to start your mindfulness practice. The image below shows all the steps to begin your mindfulness meditation. Are you ready to start?

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