staticFootwear is the most important piece of the uniform. A proper pair of airline shoes provides the air crew with comfort and safety leading to a best performance. A good crew shoes must be anti- static. Why? SKYPRO explains you right away.

Flight attendants are exposed to several risks when it came to their feet. Foot swelling due different pressure conditions, inappropriate shoe fit, slippery in airports, ankle turns, thermal amplitudes, body electrostatic discharges, x-ray security control, among several others are specific conditions that airline professionals are exposed and that regular shoes do not accomplish.

Cabin crew workers continuously witness the existence of electrostatic discharges in everyday activities. There is an intense friction between the airplane and the surrounding air during the movement caused by the act of flying, which generate high levels of static electricity. Moreover, air humidity at an altitude between 10 and 50 km is extremely low and sets up the perfect environment for the accumulation of such charges.

This static electricity will tend to dissipate when in contact with the ground, generating huge electrostatic charges, observed as sparks, that cause discomfort and, more importantly, affecting equipment and people’s safety. In certain equipment, this issue has been foreseen from the beginnings of air flights and safety components are already in effect. But, in people, how are these accumulated electrostatic charges dissipated in safe conditions?

For SKYPRO the safety of crew staff is a priority. Our research team carries on the development of a technology supported by specific materials with proven anti-static properties and a special shoe construction, which ensures a controlled dissipation of electric discharges, leaving the body and to the ground, in safer conditions and ensuring full user protection against electrostatic discharges.

It’s time to be safe at work, buy your SKYPRO airline shoes!