The work as cabin crew is very demanding. Flight attendants have to develop multiple jobs. Inside the aircraft they are nurses, cleaners, waitresses, babysitters, counsellor and much more. Because of that, air hostesses must be multi-faceted and have several qualities to be adapted to the work place.

SKYPRO presents you the 8 top qualities you should have if you work as a flight attendant!

Good time managing: Punctuality is essential for flight attendants, in fact, you always have a plane to catch and you can’t miss it! You will have to be on time all the time.

Flexibility: You must be able to adapt yourself according to new situations, challenges and new strategies. Incidentals always happen in this industry so you have to be ready to anything.

Practicality: This is not a 9 to 5 work, different things happen every day and air hostesses have to think fast and make quick decision. You have to practical and act fast.

Discretion: When you are in the sky you have to deal with every potential issue and to keep the passengers safe you have to be discreet to don’t cause the panic inside the aircraft.

Patience: As a flight attendant you will have to deal with extremely annoying and sometimes rude passengers. Being patient is a requirement to everyone that dream having this job.

Presentation: Cabin crew are the face of the airline, so looking good is mandatory. First impressions are always the most important so have a clean look and a perfect uniform is essential.

Caring Nature: Your job is to take care of the passengers so is fundamental that you have a caring nature. Is important that you enjoy taking care of the others so you can be great at your job as a cabin crew.

Empathy: Empathy is needed in almost every jobs, but flight attendants usually have more empathy than the others. They are good listeners and are always looking out for each others.