If you work as a flight attendant you might felt at some point of your life that is hard for to maintain a long-term relationship when you are flying around the world. Since this work has crazy schedules, layovers and imply stay away from home, don’t allow the air hostess to dedicate much time their relationship. SKYPRO gives you some tips to make your love life easier and happier.

Understand what both want from your relationship. This advice is good for every relationship even if you do not work as a cabin crew. In every relationship the partners have different interests and expectations. Try to understand what your partner really wants from your relationship and talk with him about your expectations as well. After, it is clear for both to start build your relationship from there.

Be sure that your partner understands the implications of your job. Work as an air stewardess implies be away from home for long periods and miss holidays and special dates. For your relationship to work you must be sure that your partner understand, respect and support your job with all the implications it has. It will avoid fights and resentments caused by your absence.

Don’t bring your work to home and don’t take your home to work. Your professional life takes most of your time; don’t let it take more of your time when you are with your partner. No matter how many annoying passengers you have at your last flight, or the colleague that had a bad behaviour with you, avoid bring this problems to home.

Provide your partner some quality time. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your partner if it is not quality time. Plan some special dates and trips to get away from the routine. Enjoy every time you have together and it will keep your love life healthier and joyful.

Communicate no matter what. It is really easy to stop communicate when you spend much more time away then you spend with your partner. You start living in a routine and forget about how is important to talk with your partner. Make sure that you never stop sharing your life with him and that you tell him about your problems, interests and expectations. Listen to him as well and it will all be fine.

Follow these simple advices and you will be able to balance your work as a flight attendant with your love life.