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When people think about comfortable shoes, the classic flat shoes with no sense of fashion came up on their minds. For flight attendants that’s even more common since uniform shoes are usually associated to ugly uncomfortable court shoes which have the same design since the 70’s. SKYPRO shoes came to solve this problem!

The flight attendant shoes are the most important piece of the uniform. Since cabin crew stay on their feet for long hours, it’s important that they have the support they need to guarantee their comfort and safety. SKYPRO spent many hours researching the needs of airline professionals to develop the perfect shoes that allies fashion with absolute comfort. That’s why SKYPRO airline shoes are the best shoes that any cabin crew member should have. They have special features: anti-skid, anti-static, ambicork and alarm-free.

All the construction of SKYPRO shoes corresponds to the needs of aviation professionals. The nitrile anti-static outsole combined with an energy conductive system and an anti freezing component provides a maximum environment protection at any latitude. Furthermore, they are anti-skid so they have an excellent performance in slippery surroundings.

The insole is designed to provide the best levels of comfort. It includes an ambicork midsole that has a great thermal and dynamic behaviour and a poron insole to guarantee the shoes will never lose the cushioning. SKYPRO only uses natural cow/calf leathers with a demanding control process to ensure  innocuousness and breathability. Also they have special crew extra measures to increase the comfort.

Although SKYPRO has carefully designed their shoes to be comfortable, they didn’t forget the design. In their portfolio they have court shoes and cabin shoes of different styles, all of them with a great designed to look good with every airline uniform. The best part is that they have a great durability and a maximum level of comfort.

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