SKYPRO is delighted to announce we are FlyEgypt’s official partners in the development of their new uniforms, from head to toe.

FlyEgypt’s new designs include more than 20 pieces including dresses, jackets, shoes, belts and scarves. SKYPRO received the design brief from the client, and both companies’ design teams worked in collaboration to develop the solution which best corresponded with their new brand image, sometimes even holding co-working sessions. FlyEgypt’s new logo is imprinted in the personalized scarves and ties, whilst all golden button details were custom-made.

Nuno Ribeiro, SKYPRO’s Product & Textile Sourcing Director, then had the task of transforming the design into reality:

“We worked in tandem with the design team to guarantee the final production stayed true to the vision and ensure the brand was represented in the best way possible. We selected light fabrics that would keep crew comfortable independent of the temperature, whilst maintaining a certain level of flexibility to ensure they could move around the cabin without constraints. We partnered with our top production plants to guarantee the best finish, and are extremely pleased with the end result.”

Nuno Ribeiro, SKYPRO’s Product & Textile Sourcing Director

FlyEgypt’s new uniforms were unveiled in November 2019 and are already live.