Lee 2

This month Skypro interviewed Lee Ljungberg, author of the Swedish blog Flygvardinnan. Read more about this passionate flight attendant and her perspective about aviation uniforms.

Skypro: Flygvardinnan is the portrait of your life as flight attendant. What is your main source of inspiration for your blog?

Lee: My main source of inspiration is actually my readers. The interest and curiosity they show makes me strive to improve my writing and it feels good to know that I can give someone the information or motivation they need to fulfil their dream of becoming a flight attendant.

S: Do you think your blog is a source of inspiration for future flight attendants? Why?

L: Yes, I believe so since the job as a flight attendant is still today considered quite exotic and glamorous, and even though I sometimes discuss the not quite so glamorous sides of the job it still shows that it is a different and fun lifestyle.

S: Are you proud to wear a uniform? Why?

L: Yes, I’m very proud to wear a uniform, and to wear the uniform that I do! To be the face of an airline, which you are as a flight attendant, is a big responsibility. You are the one setting the mood and standard of each flight towards the passengers, and each flight is a new opportunity to make a good impression. When you wear a uniform you put on a professional look and have to live up to it.

S: How do you think uniforms will be like in the future?

L: I think the future of uniforms can be either or. Either they go back to the more glamorous style that the flight attendant had from the beginning, or the uniforms become less noticeable to diminish the look of authority as the role of flight attendants become less important.

S: What are the best and worst things about uniforms today?

L: The best thing is that most airlines still have a very classy look to their uniforms, which brings back the glamour a bit. The worst thing is probably that the quality isn’t as good nowadays.

S: In your opinion, how should the perfect uniform be like?

L: The perfect uniform would be comfortable for the wearer, but at the same time look fancy and give an impression of professionalism.

S: Which functions do you think your uniform should have?

L: I would love for my uniform to have more pockets! The few pockets I have on my uniform today are filled with things I need with me at all times. It should also be inflammable, lasting and work well in both warm and cold weather.

S: The future of aviation is a mystery for us, how do you think it’s going to be like in the future? Do you think we can maintain the same glamour that is commonly associated with the industry?

L: I would love to say that I think so, but unfortunately I think the role of a flight attendant will become less important as times are changing. Things become computerized, more money can be made and flying from A to B is almost as easy as taking the bus.

S: Regarding shoes, what do you think the perfect flight attendant shoe should have?

L: The perfect shoe for a flight attendant should not only be fancy, of perfect height and match the uniform, but most importantly keep your feet in good condition throughout a long day. As a flight attendant you are up and about for several hours each flight and even though we might just walk back and forth in the cabin it turns out to be quite many steps that our poor feet need to walk. After some time bad shoes may tend to loose their comfort and support and this does not only hurt your feet, but also your knees and back. So the perfect shoe should be long-lasting as well.

S: How would you describe a day wearing SKYPRO shoes?

L: First of all I don’t have to take off my SKYPRO shoes when I go through the security, which can otherwise be quite annoying. Second I can walk a whole day in them without needing a foot massage as soon as the shift is over. The fit is perfect and the comfort undeniable. The good quality also shows as the shoes have the same support throughout its lifetime.