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Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of work injuries. To prevent slips is absolutely necessary wear the right pair of shoes, especially if they are designed thinking on your profession. Skypro explains you the importance of having a pair of anti-skid airline shoes.

According to UK Civil Aviation Authority Occupational Health and Safety on-board Aircraft Guidance (CAA, 2012), slips, trips and falls are a recognized cause of a substantial number of workplace accidents. A survey of ten airlines in 2007 showed that significant injuries have resulted from slips and trips as well as a substantial loss in productivity due to crew member absence.

Hazards associated with slips, trips and falls in the aircraft cabin and flight deck environments include:

– Slippery cabin flooring particularly in the galley areas and adjacent to aircraft doors, where contamination is carried on from outside; or caused by debris/gash on flooring surfaces;

– Tripping over protruding objects e.g. passengers’ legs, bags etc.;

– Falling during turbulence;

– Stairwells connecting upper and lower decks;

– Falling from open aircraft exits or while opening doors;

– On freight aircraft, contaminated unprotected cargo floors;

– Open under floor equipment bay hatches in the cabin floor during turnaround maintenance.

To prevent those kind of accidents it’s important to select a crew shoe that is slip and oil resistant. Shoe’s outsole is responsible for its slip- resistant quality. Manufacturers know how to make the safest shoes possible; however, not many have the ability to make them safer, comfortable and stylish.

Skypro developed the most outstanding of crew shoes that combines all the features: slip resistant, comfort and style.

The safety of the aviation professionals is one of Skypro first concern and after many years of research we developed Anti-skid System for the outsoles, whose main characteristics are:

– Innovative materials with suitable slip resistance;

– Specific groove orientation and design;

– Improved ground/shoe interaction;

Our court shoes have a special track design for an immediately adaptation to different platforms in any latitude. SKYPRO airline shoes provide you with the best protection wherever you are.

Do you want to be safe and comfortable all the time? Buy your own Skypro shoes!