For this month’s newsletter, we took on a little adventure: we decided to interview Graham Felton, President, CEO and Owner at D&F Marketing, Skypro Shoes newest partner. Read the full interview to know more about this new chapter for Skypro and D&F Marketing.

First of all, let us know about your company’s history, how did it start and what do you expect to happen from here?

Established in February, 1988, D&F Marketing, Inc. (DFMi) has grown to be a premier sales and marketing company to the transportation industry, supplying both consumable and non consumable products to their customers around the world. Starting with a primary focus on the airlines segment, DFMi developed their product lines based on the growth, market trends, and demands of their customers, and today provides a range of products from food and beverages, to passenger comfort items, disposable and rotable dishware and tableware, and now recently Skypro® advanced technical footwear, designed specifically for cabin crews, pilots and ground employees.

What would you say DFMi’s greatest accomplishments are?

The survival of the impact of the horrible events of 9/11, when 100% of US domestic coach class food was discontinued by December 2011. Always seeking new ways to be innovative and creative, DFMi began to diversify and focused on passenger railway services, private manufacturing and the European airlines. The lessons learned from this experience have enabled the team at DFMi to be ready to adapt and embrace changes and opportunities as they come our way. One of our other great accomplishments is the long lasting relationships we share with our many supplier partners not only in the USA, but around the world, and with our newest partner in Portugal, Skypro® Shoes.

Do you agree it makes sense for cabin crew, pilots and staff alike to be given proper quality footwear?

Absolutely! Through the years we have many great friends who are pilots, flight attendants, gate agents, and the important people who maintain the safety of all the equipment. They are on their feet for many hours, in all kinds of climate and temperatures and they all seek comfort and style for their footwear.

What made you interested in Skypro Shoes?

First, the need among our own US carriers for this type of specialty product, and second the passion and vision of Jorge Pinto, President and Owner of Skypro®. Jorge has created a way to present the shoes in an understandable, yet technical manner that demonstrates and affirms all the reasons why every person who spends hours on their feet would want to wear Skypro® shoes.

Do you believe aviation personnel in the USA take footwear into account as a valuable item in cabin crew uniforms?

Yes! In our recent research and market testing, once the uniforms are complete, a comfortable, safe, and stylish shoe is next in importance. We have been overwhelmed by the customers who tell us, FINALLY they have security friendly shoes that provide comfort and safety, and look great! They don’t just “like” them, they “love” them!

What do you think about the importance of SKYPRO on the aviation staff’s well-being and productivity?

It is a well-researched fact that when a person’s feet ache or are in the wrong type of shoe, productivity and focus can be reduced, especially when standing or walking over long periods of time. Skypro® shoes offers a solution to the issue of aching feet and leg muscles, thus the byline used a “Walk in Heaven”.

Do you feel that the partnership with Skypro is important for your business, now as well as in the future?

Our partnership with Jorge and Skypro® is going to be one of the largest growth areas for our business in 2013. And we plan to continue to grow the relationship as we partner together to expand into Canada and South America.

What main business perspectives would you like to highlight regarding DFMi Marketing?

DFMi is a team-oriented company with outstanding global supplier partners, who enable us to continually “evolve” as a company. It is exciting to partner with companies like Skypro®, with whom we can plan and build our future together.