Onboard Hospitality Awards

Do you know the best Awards of the aviation industry? That’s right, Skypro is nominated for the second time to Onboard Hospitality Awards with the new airline underwear collection Thermodynamic Care.

At Skypro our purpose is to care for the aviation professionals and provide excellent products to dress flight attendants and pilots from head to toe. That’s why we launch this innovative underwear collection available online.

The Skypro Thermodynamic Care crew undershirt brings flight attendant comfort to a new level! This underwear collection meets the thermal challenges facing the airline professionals by using natural fibers and the heat – regulating property of Outlast Adaptive Comfort. This innovation is ideal for crew members because it stores excess body heat, releasing it as it is needed. In this way it provides ideal temperature and humidity for the skin, avoiding the discomfort of sharp rises or drops in body temperature.

This technology was developed for NASA to protect astronauts against the extreme changes in temperature in space. This undershirt is perfect to keep you in the height of comfort whilst flying year round.

If you are impressed by this amazing product, vote for the brand that care for aviation professionals and helps us win the Onboard Hospitality Awards for the best wellbeing product!