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Month / September 2016

Vera Mayan

#UltimateCrewfie Contest to win Skypro Shoes


Are you ready to take the #UltimateCrewfie Contest? If you and your cabin crew have the spirit, the connection and a great smile… you can win!


WHY PARTICIPATE? You can prove that you have the best of the crews and you can win 1 pair of Skypro Shoes for each crew member, in the selfie.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE? The cabin crews have to post and share a crew selfie on their Facebook or Instagram pages, using the hashtag #UltimateCrewfie. The winner crew will be the one which selfie had more likes and that follows all the rules here presented.

WHEN TO PARTICIPATE? The competition will start on 26th September 2016 at 00.00 and ends on 10th October 2016 at 23:59 (Lisbon Timezone).

The marketing department of SKYPRO (Abotoa SA) will select the winning Crewfie until the 17th October of 2016 and announce it on 18th October 2016, on the Skypro’s official page on Facebook and Instagram. The winner crew must send an email to until 21th October of 2016 with his direct contact. Continue Reading

Vera Mayan

INNOCUOUSNESS, a big word that can keep you away from the doctor

An airline company can really take care of their crew’s health and wellbeing just by choosing the right uniform. So simple and even so, few do it! Want to know why? Innocuousness means completely harmless. That can’t cause any harm to the health, wellbeing or environment. Innocuousness, when applied to the clothing or footwear industry, it reveals […]