All the airlines are looking for special people with unique characteristics to become part of their cabin crew.

Flight attendants are the face of the airlines and the first ones to take care of their passengers. Although each airline has their own requirements there are some characteristics that are appreciated for all recruiters:

– Passion for the job: you need to show really clearly that you are committed with the job.

– Professionalism: Work as a team, communicate with your colleagues and don’t bring your personal life to work.

– Image: You are the representative of the company, the face of the airline. Taking care of your look will improve your chance to get the job.

– Good time management: Be on time and have the ability to manage your tasks successfully are essential to have good results.

– Flexibility and adaptability: Demonstrate that they can count on you no matter what. You must be a reliable person that can adapt to all the different situations of the job.

– Understanding and Caring Nature: Provide a great customer service and ensure the passenger satisfaction is the most important part of the job. If you show those capacities then you will score some extra points.

Do you know any important characteristic that isn’t on this list? Share with us!