In the Middle East we found some of the major airlines of the industry like Emirates, Qatar or Etihad. These airlines are always recruiting and offer some great advantages to their crews. Do you want to know more about it? SKYPRO explains you right away.

Middle East has become the destination for who want to start a career in the airline industry. Although the benefits might be different from airline to airline that is some perks in working in this zone:

–       Tax- Free Basic Salary: Since you will be based in a tax-free country you will not get deductions in your salary which is reviewed every year to guarantee it stays competitive.

–      Flying Pay: Your salary will include the sum of your flying hours.

–      Layover Allowance: The allowance given in the local currency is more than enough to cover all the expenses during your stay.

–      Free Accommodation: A full furnished bedroom in a flat is provided.

–      Free transportation: A Bus is responsible for the pickups and drop offs of every flight attendant.

–      Free uniform Laundry

–      Discounted Tickets: You get discounts in almost every airlines

–      Medical and Dental Benefits

These are the basics benefits, depending on the airline it might be some extra benefits. What do you think? Would you like to work in Middle East.