Cathay Pacific - SKYTRAX “World’s Best Business Class”

Cabin interiors are being a quite challenging task for designers. Satisfying the necessities of all different passengers and create additional value for the airlines is a really difficult job. With the increasing the of business travel, business class is suffering updates in almost every airlines. But, is Business Class the new First Class?

Commercial Aircrafts were divided in several classes like 1st Class, Business Class and economics. For the beginning this was what made sense, but nowadays, business travellers are frequent flyers and many of them are really powerful business men and women. To correspond to the needs of this new generation of travellers, aircraft interior designers started to do some upgrades to this class giving them more comfort and technology, turning this class in a new class that is more and more similar to first Class. In some cases is really hard to find the differences.

Analysing the path of commercial travel and looking to the future, it is necessary to reorganize the aircraft classes. Maybe it’s the end of first class and the beginning of a new luxury Business class.