With the increase of commercial air travel, more people have access to flights. It’s now very common to experience some problems in flights due to problematic passengers. But are the cabin crews ready to deal with this kind of problems?

Airlines are starting to understand that the regular cabin training is not enough when it comes to problematic situations onboard. Different training methods are starting to be used in order to prepare flight attendants for eventual problems during flights.

One example of this new cabin crew training method is the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation in China that is training martial arts specifically designed for a cabin crew environment. This special course has the purpose to teach Kung Fu skills to flight attendants so they can apply those tactics in the aircraft cabin whenever they have a problem with an aggressive passenger.

This is not the first organization to consider teach this tactics or using self defence methods similar to this. The big question is if the airlines will allow their crews to apply these techniques on daily work.