Flight attendants are the face of the airlines. Although the high beauty standards required for air hostesses in the old times had being reconsidered, this profession still requires a special care with look. Emirates girls are one of the most stylish crews in this moment and their uniforms are a huge concern.

In Emirates traditional style elements are highly valued. This airline has a really diverse crew with people from 130 different countries that following several uniform guidelines to create an impeccable image of this ultra luxurious airline.

This special attention to the flight attendants look starts in training. Emirates have a 2 weeks training program with a full day dedicated to the image and the uniform. Also, the airline provides to the air hostesses a small manual with all the appearance guidelines.

Starting with the makeup, foundation is requires as well red lipstick. The red lipstick which is a signature of this crew is carefully tested to suit the flight attendant skin tone. Nails have to be clear, French or the same red of the lipstick.


Hair is also supposed to follow certain rules. If the hair touches the collar they have to put it up in a French roll or twist.


They are not allowed to wear pieces of the uniform when out of duty. They must wear the hat during specific parts of the trip: when going through the airport, anytime they are in public, during boarding and landing. It must be worn two fingers above the eyebrows.