For the sixth consecutive year, AirAsia won the award for the best low cost airline worldwide.  AirAsia X, the long haul affiliate from the same group was in second place at the same category.

Since December 2001, AirAsia established the mission to making flying possible for everyone. Being a pioneer in the low-cost carrier industry in Asia, this airline set trends in the lowcost world and become the market leader in innovation and travel technology, offering small price flights with a full travel experience that starts at the check-in.

AirAsia route go through 20 countries. Their website is one of the most visited travel sites in the region with more than 100 million page views and over 11 million visitors per month.

Flight attendants in this airline are carefully hired. In addition to all the basic requirements of being a cabin crew member, the personality and responsibility are seriously taken in consideration since every flight attendant must do their best to make sure passengers are comfortable during their flight. All AirAsia flight attendants are passionate about their job and go to an intensive training before start operating flights.