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Month / December 2012


Quality & Inovation

SKYPRO  Walk/in/Heaven history is made with the thousands of citizens, airports frequent users, who work in an airline company or at the airport handling, or whose professional life depends on the airplane. They are pure artisan classics made with a rigorous selection of materials to which we joined a sole and an “AIRPORT FRIENDLY” structure. […]


Skypro New Markets – Air Astana

AIR ASTANA Kazakhstan Airline cabin crew chose SKYPRO shoes footwear. A work that started at ITCA Nice fair in March 2011 and confirmed SKYPRO Shoes as the best footwear for AIR ASTANA Cabin Crew.


The Best Company in the World choose Skypro

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate The World Travel Awards won consecutively for two years by TAP. For four years SKYPRO is on TAP Cabin Crew feet, contributing decisively for TAP crew wellbeing and collaborating with the smile TAP professionals greet their clients.

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